5 Unique Bathroom Remodel Tips

Posted on December 18th, 2015 by

As you consider different options to remodel your bathroom, take a look at these great suggestions for creative and inventive ways to update your space and give it a fresh look.

1. Create Separate Spaces with Tile

Use tile flooring to section off various areas of the bathroom and give an interesting spin on basic bathroom tiling. Create a darker border around the bathtub or a special trim around the perimeter of the entire bathroom. These creative, fresh takes on typical tile can make some areas of your bathroom feel like a separate space, and by sectioning off the tub area you can play with color, pattern, and tile materials in a whole new way.

2. Play with Color

A bathroom can be a great place to go bold with colors and patterns. Even if you aren’t ready to take your neutral living room to the next level with an edgy print or neon color, a bathroom can be a fun space to experiment. Try a colorful patterned wallpaper or brightly colored vanity to make your bathroom pop.

3. Make the Bathroom a Real Room

Turn your bathroom into a true room in your home by adding details you might not normally think of for such a space. Put down an area rug to make your space warm and homey. If you’re doing a full remodel, consider adding a fireplace. These unexpected twists can give your bathroom the feeling of being a real part of the rest of the house.

4. Maximize a Small Space

Get creative with a small bathroom to the make the most of the space you have. Install a small sink into the corner of the room for an unusual spin that can save room. Skip a full shower door and try a glass panel or a shower curtain instead. These space savers can give you more room for storage and make a small bathroom feel larger.

5. Change Up the Lighting

This tip can make a big difference and take your remodel to the next level. Switch up your bathroom’s lighting and think about lighting specific areas instead of just using basic overhead fixtures. Installing lights for the vanity and shower can truly transform your bathroom.

You want your bathroom remodel to go smoothly and have the end result be creative and beautiful, making the entire process worthwhile. Make sure you have the right flooring option for your space. For free quotes on high-quality flooring Carrollton homeowners prefer, give CMA Flooring a call at 972-418-6606 or stop by our showroom. One of our friendly representatives would be happy to assist you.