When Should You Replace Your Flooring?

Posted on April 15th, 2016 by

A new floor can revitalize the look of a room, especially one that’s long overdue for a makeover. Depending on the floors Carrollton homeowners have, it’s usually simple to figure out when they should be replaced. The following guide can help you determine when to replace different types of flooring throughout your home.


It’s time to replace your carpet when it looks worn and even a steam cleaner can’t get the dirt out. Carpet wears over time, more so than many other types of flooring, and it also holds dirt and odor, especially if you have pets and children passing through the room on a regular basis. Old carpet that hasn’t been maintained well can also lead to an increase in allergic reactions because it can easily trap dust mites, mold, and other allergens. Consider replacing your current carpet style with Mohawk Frieze carpet, which is durable and easy to maintain.


Hardwood is more durable and often lasts much longer than carpet. It should be replaced when the boards come loose and don’t feel sturdy underfoot, or if it has stains or water damage that can’t be repaired. Sometimes the need for change is simply aesthetic. If you wish to update the look of the room with a new type of wood or you want your boards to run in a different direction, then it’s time to tear up the old floor and replace it.


This type of flooring is an affordable option that works well in many rooms, but doesn’t usually last as long as hardwood. Vinyl flooring should be replaced when it has stains that won’t come out with vigorous cleaning. Things like furniture can also damage vinyl flooring over time. If you are starting to notice tears in the vinyl and they aren’t easy to repair, it may be time for a replacement.


In Carrollton, TX, tile flooring comes in many materials, but stone tile is one of the most durable when cared for properly. You may want to replace your stone flooring if it has become uneven, the grout is coming out in too many places for an easy repair, or especially if tiles are cracked. Cracking can be dangerous to those who pass through the room, especially small children.

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