Does Your Home Renovation Require a Permit?

Posted on September 16th, 2016 by

Municipalities issue building permits based on local building code ordinances, which are meant to protect public health and safety. Building codes can vary, but most municipalities require permits for any significant changes to the structure of a home or modifications that affect the electrical, plumbing, or ventilation systems. The staff at CMA Flooring, a leading Carrollton flooring store, discusses a few renovations that may require permits and the consequences of not acquiring permits when necessary.

Types of Projects Typically Requiring Permits

Structural changes that alter the footprint of the home or modify the dimensions of windows and doors typically require a permit to ensure the dwelling remains structurally sound and that there are adequate exits in the event of a fire. The addition of outdoor structures like fences and storage sheds often require permits to ensure they are safe and do not create a public nuisance. Concerns over sanitation and fire safety mean permits are usually needed when removing old plumbing or electrical systems or installing new ones. Permits are also required for installation and changes to HVAC systems and furnaces to ensure proper ventilation and to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other concerns.

Consequences of Not Getting the Proper Permits

Failure to get the necessary permits may prevent you from being able to sell your home and subject you to potential fines. You may be required to undo part of the work to allow for inspections or even remove the changes completely, and you could even find yourself at the center of a nasty lawsuit brought on by neighbors who are unhappy with the effects your unpermitted renovation has on their property value. It is ultimately the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure a renovation is properly permitted. If you are in doubt about whether or not you need a permit, be sure to contact your local authorities. You can always call your local city hall or visit your city’s website for more information. 

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