The Benefits of Cork Flooring

Posted on September 4th, 2015 by

Choosing new flooring can be a stressful decision, which is why CMA Flooring Carrollton is here with a helpful recommendation. With regard to other flooring options, here’s a list of reasons why cork is a noteworthy choice.

Walk Comfortably

Sometimes people have to sacrifice style for comfort while redecorating,but with cork flooring, your home can be both. Cork tiles or planks can be installed anywhere in the house, but it’s especially useful for children’s play rooms where a comfortable standing or sitting area is preferred. Although ordinary tile flooring is a popular alternative, it’s somewhat hard on your joints and won’t feel as soft compared to spongy cork.

Natural Insulation

Cork is the only flooring option that provides natural insulation to your household, which means you can minimize loud noises and save money on those expensive heating bills. Additionally, cork floors allow you to walk around during winter without freezing your feet!


You might not know it, but cork flooring is a great choice for those concerned about making a positive impact on the environment. The extraction of cork tree bark does not harm the trees, which makes cork tiling an eco-friendly and stylish flooring option for the green customer.

Fire Resistant

An added benefit is that cork is naturally fire resistant, making this flooring option an especially safe addition to your home. Although it may burn, you won’t have to worryabout the material emitting toxic chemicals like other tile or carpeting options might. Overall, cork is a secure and comfortable flooring choice for concerned homeowners.

Installs Over Existing Flooring

Another perk of adding cork to your homeis that it can be installed over existing flooring, including wood and linoleum. Additionally, cork floors can even be installed over uneven surfaces to level them out and improve a home’s aesthetic appeal.

At CMA Flooring, we offer an array options including wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and carpet flooring. If cork doesn’t appeal to you or is out of your budget, our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you or help you find the right flooring for your home. Contact us today at (972) 418-6606 for a free in-home consultation!