4 Reasons Installing Carpet Padding Is a Good Idea

Posted on March 18th, 2016 by

Though some people choose to forego installing padding for their carpet, there are actually many benefits to keeping your floor soft and comfortable. The flooring and design experts at Carpet Mills of America want to share 4 reasons why you should install padding beneath your carpet flooring.

1. Orthopedic Purposes

One of the best reasons to have carpet padding is for orthopedic comfort. Walking on an unpadded floor day in and day out can cause problems for the feet, knees, and spine. Supermarkets provide orthopedic floor mats to help reduce the fatigue their cashiers can experience. In the same way, carpet padding lowers the impact from walking around your home.

2. Extra Insulation

Carpet padding acts as an extra layer of insulation in the floor. Most crawl spaces are not insulated, and concrete slab foundations act as giant heat sinks, taking the hot and cold air straight out of your house. Carpet padding can reduce your heat and air conditioning costs by helping regulate your home’s temperature. This can make your home feel cozier in the winter and stay cooler in the summer.

3. Safety

A hard floor with no padding can actually be a health hazard. Carpet padding can reduce the risk of injuries in case of a fall. This is especially important for small children and the elderly since they are more prone to falls. Hitting soft padding absorbs a great deal of the impact, reducing the risk of serious bone fractures or other injuries. This may also help you prevent a lawsuit if a guest is injured from falling in your house.

4. General Comfort

Carpet padding makes sitting on the floor more comfortable. The floor is already part of your home, but you can also make it part of your life. Padded carpet flooring makes it pleasant to sit on the floor with the family and play board games. A comfortable floor may encourage you to practice yoga, do pushups, or crawl around while playing with your children.

When you’re ready to install new carpet and padding, enlist the right professionals for the job. If you are looking for carpet installation services in Carrollton, look no further than CMA Flooring. We offer a wide variety of carpet styles and would be happy to give you a free quote when you contact us or stop by our showroom. Don’t hesitate to call today at 972-418-6606.