Home Design Trends That Are Out for 2016

Posted on March 4th, 2016 by

Trends come and go, and styles and tastes change. Most trends that were once popular will inevitably be out of style at some point, and home design trends are not spared from the wrath of this never-ending cycle. To help you keep your home looking fresh and modern, the flooring and design experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton have put together a list of outdated home design trends for 2016.

Mounted Televisions

Having a flat screen, wall-mounted television in your bedroom is no longer the way to go, and the damage the mounting can cause the walls will not have to be repaired if you eventually put your home on the market. The wall space can be used to add to the overall feel and décor of the room instead. Rather than mounting a TV, use the space in your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook with seating.

Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs in the master bathroom made quite a splash in the past, but for 2016 they are only seen as taking up space. You can still enjoy a relaxing bath in a smaller tub while keeping your bathroom updated, or you can get rid of the tub entirely and use the extra space for a bigger shower with in-shower seating.

Mirrored Furniture

Imitating lavish celebrity homes brought us the trend of mirrored furniture. That trend has run its course and now mirrored furniture is on its way out for 2016. To keep the luxurious feel of mirrored furniture, replace those pieces with metal finishes and decorative drawer pulls, doorknobs, and light switch plates.

Chevron Print

Bold colored chevron was formerly used to brighten rooms and add life to an otherwise bland or boring space. However, for 2016, chevron print has been pushed aside for a more tasteful and subtle decor idea. As an alternative, solid colored prints with texture can be used to replace the outdated chevron print and brighten up a living space.

Tastes and trends in flooring often change as well, but CMA Flooring always has a variety of options to choose from to meet your needs, including tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring. If you have questions about the right flooring to match your new design, stop by our showroom or call 972-418-6606 today for a free quote.