DIY Renovation vs. Hiring a Contractor

Posted on October 30th, 2015 by

DIY projects have flooded the media, and there are certainly some merits to handling your own repairs. Saving money, pride in a job well done, and learning new skills are just a few reasons why you may consider tackling a project yourself. However, you may be worried about getting in over your head or missing out on the benefits of hiring a contractor. Since home improvement projects are a serious investment, the Carrollton carpet flooring experts at CMA Flooring have put together a comparison of these two options to help you make a decision.

DIY Cost vs. Contractor Quote

For most home renovations, the price is a major factor. While doing the job yourself can often save you money, it can also break your budget if you run into miscounted materials or a need to buy expensive tools. A contractor can give you an upfront quote so you know what to expect. Assess your skills and supply list before comparing it to a contractor quote to decide which one will ensure you come out ahead.

DIY Materials vs. Contractor Supplies

Depending on your project, you may have specific materials in mind such as the color and type of yourlaminate flooring in Carrollton. With a DIY project, your options are limitless, but a contractor may only work with a limited amount of materials. If you are considering a contractor, check with the company to make sure they have the right materials to create the look you desire. If they do, then a contractor could save you the hassle of measuring and hauling your materials home.

DIY Time vs. Contractor Schedule

Working on your own time offers flexibility regarding how long your project takes and when the work is completed. However, your project can go way overschedule if you run into a snag or make a mistake. Contractors can give you an estimate for completion, but busy seasons or ordering materials may cause a delay. You will also be subject to their working hours, which can sometimes mean disruptions during the day.

DIY Pride vs. Contractor Guarantee

After nailing a DIY project, there is nothing quite like basking in the glory as you show off your renovation to family and friends. Yet, we’ve all heard of at least one person’s failed project resulting in a call for help to the professional. In contrast, a contractor usually guarantees their work, but there may be stipulations such as time constraints or specific damages.

While this is not an easy decision, you can weigh your skills against the benefits offered by a contractor to decide which option works best for you. Either way, you win by enjoying a beautiful update to your home.

Whether you decide to take on a home project yourself or hire a contractor, call CMA at 972-418-6606 if you want renovation tips or need an affordable flooring solution for your home. In addition to carpet and laminate flooring, we also have many choices for hardwood and limestone flooring in Carrollton. We hope to hear from you soon.