6 Easy Fixes for Scratched Floors

Posted on May 4th, 2015 by

Finding a scratch in your wood flooring, a chip in your tile, or a small tear in your vinyl flooring can be upsetting. However, there are several easy ways you can fix these problems without having to go through the expense of replacing your flooring. CMA Flooring Carrollton brings you the following quick fixes.

1. Crayons.
All you need for a quick scratch fix is a stain-matching crayon. Grab one of your children’s crayons, a permanent marker in a similar in color, or pick up a crayon made specifically for this purpose, and fill in the scratch. It won’t be perfect, but unless someone is looking with a magnifying glass it will do just fine!

2. Oil and vinegar.
You can minimize the appearance of a wood scratch by soaking it in a mixture of equal parts olive or grapeseed oil and vinegar. This concoction works by cleaning, moisturizing, and polishing the damaged area. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours before wiping it off with a cloth. Repeat if the scratch is still significantly visible.

3. Nuts.
A scratch on laminate flooring can be lessened by rubbing a meaty nut, such as a walnut or almond, back and forth over it. A little bit of baking soda buffed in and around a scratch will also help to minimize its appearance.

4. Glue.
Easily repair a small chip in ceramic tile by gluing the piece back into place with Krazy or Gorilla Glue. If you do not have the chip, use nail polish in a similar color to fill in the chipped or scratched areas.

5. Powder.
For linoleum scratches, use a leftover piece of flooring or purchase a piece of a similar color to make linoleum powder. Using sandpaper, sand the piece, collect the dust, and mix it with a little wood glue to make a thick paste. Apply with a plastic putty knife and wipe excess with a damp cloth. Allow to completely dry before sealing.

6. Seam sealer.
Liquid seam sealer is great for tears in linoleum. Wipe the scratched area down with a little lacquer thinner and then apply a small amount of sealer. It will be hard to detect the scratch once the sealer dries.

Of course, if the scratches and scuffs on your floor are inching past normal wear and tear, consider replacing the floors all together. At CMA Flooring, we offer a wide variety of wood and laminate flooring, ceramic, and carpet. Call us at (972) 418-6606 and let our flooring experts help you find the best fit for your home!