Popular Outdoor and Patio Flooring Options

Posted on February 26th, 2016 by

When adding new flooring or replacing existing flooring in your home, don’t neglect the areas outside of your walls. There are many beautiful and durable flooring options for sprucing up your patio or other outdoor space. Here are a few you may want to consider.


Concrete is durable, low-maintenance, and customizable. You can stamp, stain, and dye concrete so it resembles other materials like wood, stone, and brick. Additionally, it is possible to finish concrete with a gloss shiny enough to give it the appearance of polished marble. Concrete also comes in pavers that can be laid for paths or pool decking.


A classic in patio flooring, hardwood decking comes in many attractive options, ranging from natural pine to cedar, and it is customizable with staining as well. Hardwood floors require regular sealing to maintain them, but they are very durable. Laying tiles designed to look like wood is another option to give your patio floor a visual boost.

Composite Decking

As the name suggests, composite decking is a blend of materials, primarily wood and plastic. Manufacturers create planks from this material that resemble hardwood. While not as strong as hardwood, composite decking is immune to rot and warp, making it virtually maintenance-free.


Brick is ideal for traditional-styled outdoor spaces. For the most permanent installation, you need to level and treat the ground before laying the bricks with mortar. However, brick can also be laid on a level bed without mortar. Sturdy and strong, brick lasts for years with little maintenance.

Natural Stone

Similar to brick, stone requires minimal upkeep, and you can lay it with mortar or as standalone pavers. The natural variegation in color creates unique patterns, making it a great choice for rustic patios and pathways.


Using ceramic tile in Carrollton is a luxury option that enhances a Mission or Mediterranean-style home. It’s essential to choose highly slip-resistant tiles and outdoor varieties that can withstand the vagaries of the weather. Tiles can be used as flooring for patios or swim decks or for accenting another material.

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