It’s Back! Terra Cotta Flooring Resurfaces

Posted on February 17th, 2015 by

Terra Cotta tiles have a timeless, classic appeal and create beautiful, colorful flooring. These tiles are usually made in Europe or Mexico, and have a richness and glow that comes from their baked clay properties. This beautiful tile flooring blends especially well with Spanish, Southwestern, or Mediterranean architecture.

Terra Cotta tiles are unique because each tile is crafted from baked earth and fired to create a product with variations in color and contour.


This beautiful material is widely used for flooring in homes and businesses, on patios, and as wall or backsplash coverings. The tiles are known for their warm tones of brown, red, and orange. Terra cotta tiles are not frost proof, so outdoor use must be in a temperate climate.

This type of tile is also porous and requires sealing with either a penetrating sealant or a surface sealer. If you plan to use the tile for a kitchen floor, wall covering, or backsplash, the sealing process must be very thorough. Use of terra cotta is not recommended for a bathroom or any areas with a lot of moisture.


Any spills need to be cleaned immediately because of terra cotta’s porous nature. Routine cleaning can be done with a damp mop and mild cleanser. No bleaches, acids, or strong chemicals should be used, and certainly no abrasive cleaner should be used because it would destroy terra cotta’s beautiful surface.


You should consult a contractor for installation of terra cotta because the tiles can be easily broken or chipped during installation, and the tile needs a professional sealing for best results. Terra cotta is a beautiful, longwearing tile when installed well.


Prices for terra cotta generally range from $3 to $7 per square foot.

Terra cotta tiles will enhance your home or business with warm color and a unique ambiance, but remember that proper installation, sealing, and maintenance will be required to keep your investment looking its best.

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