What Kind of Tile Flooring Do You Need?

Posted on February 12th, 2016 by

Choosing the right tile flooring for a particular room in your home can be a difficult decision to make because you need to combine your sense of taste with practicality. However, you can make the choice easier by considering a few key things about each room.

For the Kitchen

It’s an ongoing task to keep your kitchen free from spills and other unintended mishaps. That said, you’ll need a floor that is both durable and easy to clean, which is where linoleum, ceramic, and porcelain tile come in. Linoleum and ceramic tile are easy to maintain and are typically dent and scratch resistant, which is good for managing the steady stream of traffic in your kitchen. Porcelain is a great choice because it’s also stain resistant.

For the Bathroom

With bathrooms it’s all about moisture, and a lot of it. That’s why you’ll want to choose between linoleum, ceramic, limestone, and marble, all of which are moisture resistant. Ceramic tile can be expensive, but provides excellent durability. It is also easy to clean, hygienic, and anti-allergenic, making it a great choice for a bathroom space.

For the Laundry Room

The floor of a laundry room is going to take a beating. Because of the activity this floor will receive, special care should be taken during installation. A durable, slate-like porcelain tile will work well here because it can withstand the vibrations of your washer and dryer. Porcelain is also a great choice for a laundry room because it is impervious to moisture and extremely durable.

For Outdoors

Natural stone tile is a good choice for outdoor walkways, around the pool, or outdoor kitchens because it can endure the elements and drastic changes in temperature. Slate is a preferred choice in this category because its texture is less slippery than some stone tile.

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